September 2008

I just had no luck searching for this topic. Any one come across the same idea please shed me some lights.

Any cheap (universal) programmer out there can be used to compile 8051 C programs and also capable of writing the hex file into 8051 derivatives? I would also like to know what packages/compilers/similators to drive this programmer.


For some reason Ubuntu 8.04 didn’t install vim by default, thus no syntax.

There’s also another tips I always forgot.  vim has a very nice autocomplete feature.  For example you’ve a variable name “apple”, you can type “ap”, then press Ctrl-n or ctrl-p, it would show all the functions and variables start with “ap”.

For some reason, Ubuntu changed the default system shell from bash to dash.  To what I noticed, I didn’t see any speed improvement but many scripts shows error or are not compatible.

To restore the whole system back to bash, call this command:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash