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When you do make xconfig (graphical kernel config), you may receive following error

gideon@gideon-desktop:~/linux$ make xconfig
* Unable to find the QT4 tool qmake. Trying to use QT3
* Unable to find any QT installation. Please make sure that
* the QT4 or QT3 development package is correctly installed and
* either qmake can be found or install pkg-config or set
* the QTDIR environment variable to the correct location.


In Ubuntu, you just need to install the qt4-dev-tools package to fix it.

# aptitude install qt4-dev-tools

In Linux Mint the boot splash screen is completely black. According their website it is by design not a bug. If you want to change the splash screen you can select one by typing the following command and selecting mint-logo:

sudo update-alternatives –config default.plymouth

I had been setting up my own server for website for like 10+ years but still this is my first time to get the e-mail working! Still excited!

I followed a website to use dovecot and postfix. Both are very easy to use! not like sendmail which is horribly complicated.

Basically you need the following packages: (Ubuntu 10.04)

aptitude install postfix dovecot dovecot-pop3d dovecot-imapd dovecot-postfix

For setup, the following is a good guideline:

If you are interested in develop Android applications, don’t miss this sample source codes!

command to display hardware:

$ sudo lshw | less

command to display motherboard’s model:

$ sudo dmidecode | less

QQ is a very popular instant messenger software in China. Links to download QQ for Linux:

However, when it runs, it always crash.
(Currently I’m using Ubuntu 8.04LTS)

Edit the following file can solve the problem:
vi /usr/bin/qq

add the following line:

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